It is the trotting season debut at the race track in Goshen, New York. Horses pull jockeys in chariots as they go around the track. There is a closeup of the horses as they past by on the track. The crowd looks on excitedly and a woman with her foot on the railing roots especially hard. Its a close finish and Snowdown wins by half a length. Bishop E.G. Richards of Philadelphia, president and Doctor Ira Landon, superintendent, of the Anti-Saloon league speak out against legal drinking. In Chicago, Illinois, a new streamline train debuts. It is shown from the front and side and is built entirely out of aluminum and can reach 110 MPH. The engineer gets on and the train takes off down the track. The passenger are briefly shown and a chef makes food in the back of the train. A waiter carries the food on a tray to a passenger.