In Niles Center, Illinois 'Baby faced' Nelson was killed by the police. A Universal Newsreel title card reads, 'Special Extra' and has an interesting background video of a pistol firing. A wanted poster shows 'Baby faced' Nelson's picture whose real name is Lester M. Giles. A car is parked on the side of the road and William Gallagher, an Illinois policeman is shown in close-up. He participated in the road side firefight. Mrs. Francis Kramer, another witness is shown in closeup. The pictures of two FBI officers who were shot dead by Nelson are also shown, Samuel P. Cowley, and Herman E. Hollis. A car is shown speeding down a country road. Nelson is dead laying on top of an operating table as FBI officers point at his dead body. The scene shifts to Boston, Massachusetts where Huskie dogs have been trained to do tricks. The dogs stand on their hind legs on top of concrete blocks. One dog does a backflip, another jump ropes in between two ropes, and lastly a dog gets on all four legs on top of a small rope.