The clip is a continuation of the assassination of King Alexander of Yugoslavia from clip 13185_7522_history17. King Alexander of Yugoslavia and the French Foreign Minster Louis Barthou are ridding together in the back of an open topped car down a city street lined with people. Police on horse back guard the car. Suddenly pandemonium breaks out as the King and Barthou are shot. Police push the crowds back and surround the car. A man can be briefly seen facedown on the ground. The camera is jostled around as people tousle each other. There is a closeup inside the car and the king can be seen clutching and mumbling something as people place their hands on him. Police push back more people and a bloodied man can be briefly seen next to a bicycle. More police clashes with the crowd and the scene ends with police driving the car away. The scene shifts to Washington D.C. and the Japanese ambassador to the United States, Hiroshi Saitō, is exiting a car and visiting Security of State Cordell Hull at the State department. He is then seen exiting the building and shown in closeup removing his hat. He gets back into the car and the scene ends.