Spiro Agnew interviewed on a couch by a journalist. Med CU of Agnew as the interviewer asks him, "What is it you can do about your image?". Agnew says that you can't do anything about your image if your consciously setting out to rectify a misinterpretation of your self as an individual. Any change has to come from examination from your positions and your situations, not through your contriving to change yourself for your self-serving needs. Agnew then says that what he is and what he stands for will be obvious and the people who characterize him as a neanderthal man to continue to think that way. The interviewer asks him if Agnew is a self-made middle-class, middle-brow suburbanite straight out of middle America, Agnew represents the section of American that feels its values are threatened by social turbulence and permissiveness. Agnew pleads guilty to those labels. Cut to the interviewer in a chair with an image of Agnew behind him. The interviewer says that Nixon selected Agnew to carry the banner with the silent majority. Agnew betrayed Nixon. The interviewer moves onto Henry Kissenger. Nixon and Kissenger were an unlikely pair but Kissenger was Nixon's most valuable asset. Cut to a med wide shot of Kissenger and Nixon sitting together at a table. Kissinger VO says, "Nixon has to constantly meet with people that want something out of him. 

Not Explicit