Three commercials are shown: A 1957 model Chevrolet car commercial, a 1958 Edsel model Ford, and a Hai Karate aftershave commercial. For Chevrolet, the commercial is concise. It quickly shows images of the 1957 model and explains why it's "#1 in the USA". The Ford Edsel commercial is more thorough. It begins with the car rolling through a gated driveway. It depicts the new features starting from the front and making its way to the back. The new engine is shown and analyzed. The commercial concludes with the 1958 model smoothly driving through town. In the Hai Karate commercial a woman opens her door and invites a man in (presumably her boy friend or husband). She gets close to greet him and is quickly aroused by his aftershave's aroma. She's so aroused that she cannot keep her hands off him. In a matter of self-defense, he uses karate moves to keep her off of him. Furniture and other things in the room break due to this karate fight. The narrator explains that girls are irresistible to the aftershave, and because of this self-defense instructions are included.

Not Explicit