Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Funny-page folk featured in annual 'Balloonatic' frolic / New York, N.Y." It's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and balloons from cartoons are paraded down the street. On one float men wear 'Jigs and Mrs. Jigs masks. The parade comes toward the camera and Mutt and Jeff balloons pass by. There are giant head balloon as well as a giant lady balloon. At the end of the parade the balloons are let go into the air and prizes are offered for their recovery. The camera follows one balloon up towards the Empire State Building. Title reads, "Gatow, Germany / Society buds soar!-Modern belles inaugurate glider fad among Berlin's '400'" A group of people carry a glider to a field. A woman gets into the glider and the others pull the glider down a steep hill. There is a great point of view shot from the back of the glider as it soars through the air past grassy fields. The scene ends with the glider landing on a field. Title reads, "New congress opens; favors jobless aid; red rioters quelled / Washington, D.C." A group of men dressed in suits walk outside the Capital building. Congress is in session and all members are standing to hear a bill that would ban gatherings in the vicinity of capital. There is a protest outside made up of communist sympathizers. Police use tear gas guns to spray the protestors who quickly scatter. More shots of tear gas being used to chase away protesters.