Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Mussolini Reviews Mass Calisthenics by Army of 5,000 boys / Rome, Italy" Long shot of a stadium in which troops run across. Mussolini stands watching on the side in front of the onlooking crowd and waves. The soldiers do coordinated warm up stretches, outstretching arms, touching toes, and lifting arms straight into the air. A closeup of Mussolini as another man talks to him, Mussolini laughs and more soldiers stretching. Title reads, "Elinor Smith, in swoon 6 miles up, sets new air mark / Roosevelt Field, N.Y." A man puts an oxygen tank around Elinor Smith as a shot of her plane taking off follows. Her plane is seen in the distance landing and this is cut to her smiling and being helped out of the plane. She points to the barometer a man is holding and the scene ends.