Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Oddities in To-day's News / Pat McDonald, famous shot putter brings a new stunt at New York Atlantic Club meet / Travers Island N.Y." Pat, an older big man with muscles, is seen tossing the shot-put, over his shoulder. There is a nice slow motion/slow frame rate shot of Pat tossing the shot-put in air. Title reads, "The steeplechase runners take a cold plunge" A shot of man running and jumping over barriers/gates. Next tile reads, "Style shows portrays male dress of future / Evolution of men's attire and what they soon may wear is shown in unique exhibition / Long Beach CAL" There is a long pan of men in various costumed attire, some look to be wearing medieval garb while others renaissance, military, and civil war era clothes. Title card asks, "Who says men's styles don't change?" and the shot is a pan up of a man wearing a nice suit next to man dressed in bear skin. Title then asks "Will it come to this" and there is a shot of man in a flowery two piece dress exiting a building, another man comes out wearing a kilt and does a little dance, then more men come out in a line wearing suits and dress clothes, one man looks to be dressed as a police officer.