Med. shot of Eli Baker being interviewed. Wide shot of Eli and an older white woman, Virginia Durr, walking arm-in-arm. Tracking shot of southern home with a large yard. Med 2-shot of Eli Baker and Virginia Durr being interviewed on a couch. Black-and-white still of Eli Baker. Black-and-white still photo of a large dormitory or boarding school on a shool or college campus. CU of Virginia Durr. Black-and-white still photos of marchers holding signs like "Stop anti-negro violence" and 'Prosecute the KKK". A black-and-white still photo of African-Americans on strike. Black-and-White still photo of a poster that says, "The Shame of America" and recounts that 28 people have been burned at the stake between 1918-1921 and 3,436 people were lynched from 1889-1921.