Deep high angle shot during a rainstorm in a silent era film, storm blows debris and drags parked car along the muddy street while the driver hangs onto the fender, storm flurry takes frame of a house off its' base/foundation, resident gets off his bed, grabs his jacket and heads toward the door when the house next door collapses, he climbs back into bed and hides under his blanket, storm gust moves his bed into a barn next to horses, he sits up when storm gust carries his bed out of the barn's back door, he falls off the bed, knocks his head, climbs under the bed, gets knocked out when a resident jumps from his window onto his bed, he gets up, a little, disoriented, another house frame falls, he clears it through the window opening, startled he walks away, right into another collapsing frame, gusty winds pick up, he slips and slides along the muddy road, he had a hard time getting up against a strong head wind, runaway truck with boxes of supplies is thrown in his direction, slips ands falls.