Shot of substraights containing circuit patterns and chips and substraights meeting to form a circuit. Six active elements are being placed on a circuit. Narrator discusses how the new technology is smaller, faster and more reliable for data processing. Module of circuits. Shot of Third Generation of computers in a room and woman sitting at a desk reviewing a printout from a printer. Narrator states in 1965 the third generation of computers with solid logic technology were delivered to the users. there was one computer family for commercial, scientific and communications applications. Shot of parts of the third generation computer, printout, man working at computer, woman at computer processing cards. Man walks down hall and into office, looks at ledger book and papers. Shot of System 360 Central Processing unit surrounded by input/output devices and man placing cards in the 360. Tape drives, disk drives and woman working at a remote terminal. Clip ends with shot of central unit and buffer tape ends with man's hands in front of an IBM RAMAC machine.