Clip opens with green map of the United States. Dots appear on the map to represent cities and then lines are drawn connecting the cities to one another. Additional dots and connecting lines appear. Shot of a very old computer and a meter reader reading a meter outside of a house. Shot of a woman on the phone and woman at a machine with a screen. Woman hands paper to man in an office. Shot of a computer room. Shot of an article that states, "Census Officials Choose Hollerith Tabulators. 1890 Census to be complied by machines at savings of than half million dollars. Years of work eliminated." Shot of hands operating a key punch machine. Shot of women in an office approximately early 1900's by hair and clothing. Shot of women working with punch cards and shot of tabulating machine. Shot of two men sitting down and shot of punch cards being sorted in a vertical sorting machine. Narrator discusses how Dr. Herman Hollarath determined how to store information on punch cards in 1890 and how early keypunch machines enabled clerks to transfer numerical information to punch cards which a machine could read.