Newsreel footage of Nixon's historic trip to China. Clip opens with Chinese soldiers carrying the flag of the People's Republic of China. Soldiers carrying guns are marching. CU of soldiers' feet. Plane emblazoned with United States of America comes into view and taxis to a stop at the Peking airport. Chou en Lai, Prime Minister of Peoples Republic of China walks to plane. President and Mrs. Nixon walk down steps of plane. Nixon shakes hands with Chou En Lai. Receiving line of Communist party officials. CU of President Nixon and party officials shaking hands. Chinese military band plays the Star Spangled Banner. Shot of President and Mrs. Nixon and US entourage looking on as military band plays. Shot of United States flag, Chinese soldiers and flag of Republic of China, people at ceremony. Clip ends with car driving away carrying President Nixon and Chou En Lai driving through an avenue of poplar trees.

Not Explicit