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Ripley's Believe it or Not Classic Film. Shot of building Ripley states was hit by the first shot of WW1. CU of building. Shot of first man killed in the war. He is standing next to a small child. Ripley stands next to a holy niche in old Cairo. Shot of pillars and a blood stained hole. Man runs into a building and is seized by another man. Ripley says the police use hats instead of handcuffs in Egypt. Shot of Egyptian police officer standing next to prisoner who is handcuffed with his turban. CU of cuffed hands. Shot of what Ripley states is the Tree of Abraham and it is probably the oldest living thing. It is a sacred tree, the original olive tree in Gethsemane. People in robes and veils are walking down a narrow street. Ripley's bus drives through a busy street filled with people.