A silent metric montage of lamps, artificial lighting, and night-life in New York. This sequence explores all the areas in which the oil industry supports the city-dwelling American’s lifestyle. Modern lamp with concentric lampshades turning on. Various desk lamps and lanterns turning on. Highly ornamented chandelier turning on. Subway I. R. T. street lamp. Roseland Ballroom music venue advertising a show for Bob Chester and his Great Orchestra: Sun Phil Napoleon / Memphis 5 Dixieland Jazz / Charleston Swing / Dance Contest / Wed, Sat, Sun Matinee: 2 Great Bands. Blinking florescent sign “China Doll.” Blinking florescent sign: “Roller Skating Gay Blades.” Bop City music venue presenting NAT KING COLE and COUNT BASIE. Kleenex advertisement. Times Square, New York City.