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Footage of in-flight perks of airline travel in the 1960s. A female flight attendant/air hostess passes out notebooks to business men as they read the news paper and catch up on work. An old woman starts to reach above her seat to adjust the air conditioner, but a male flight attendant steps in to help. An attendant takes a milk bottle from a couple with a baby on the mother’s lap and warms the bottle in a hot water kettle. A male passenger sees a young woman struggling to adjust her seat, so he stands up to help her recline the seat and pull up the foot rest. He then sits on the foot rest to flirt with her. A cute little girl sits down next to a business man and he hands her a form to sign. The pilot steps out of the cockpit to visit the passengers. He hands a folder to a passenger. They shake hands and look over the map of the flight path. Shots of people socializing on the plane. The flight attendants prepare and serve dinner.