Man in trench coat and hat looking into store window. Men in trench coats and chats looking a a display of picture frames. Woman in rice hat paddling a bamboo canoe. Shot of busy Chinese market street. Shots of people carrying ornate thrones on their shoulders. Old Chinese woman sewing an article of clothing. Shot of old Chinese man with long white beard and rounded glasses. Shot of bald Chinese monk juggling. Shots of men with ropes tied to backs pulling something off screen. Shots of bald muscular Chinese men rowing a boat in synchrony. Two Chinese circus performers balancing themselves on their heads. Shot of rickshaws. Shot of man with Chinese yo-yo. Shot of man masterfully dodging a spear. Old Chinese man with white mustache smoking pipe. Shots of fluorescent Chinese street signs. Sign reading: WHITELY SMITH’S CINDERELLA. Shots of well-dressed Europeans clinking glasses. Chinese bartender preparing martinis. Shots of European men and women dancing to jazz.