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Footage of an early 60s trip to Kenya. A wide shot of a bald man with a mustache wearing a purple and white checkered shirt, tan shorts and high socks walking out of a house with a long case is shown. Medium shot of the man sitting on the raised patio and unstrapping the case which reveals parts of a rifle, which he then begins to assemble is shown. A CU looking down the barrels of the gun towards the sky is shown. High angle shots of the man cleaning the gun come next, then a CU of the silver breech of the gun. A wide shot is next, of the man looking at his gun as three women come out of the house to admire and touch it. The same wide angle follows in the next cut as the man sits with his rifle and a young boy wearing a short-sleeved white shirt tucked into his black slacks and brown dress shoes comes up, kneels down on the manicured green lawn and gets to hold the gun.