Footage of an early 60s trip to Kenya. Handheld shots of a circular straw roofed shelter, with chickens pecking around in front. Camera pans to show other similar structures that make up the village, with mountains seen in the distance. This handheld shot stops at the range rover of the tourist, which is park and the villagers have gathered around it. Wide shot of the gathering villagers and the white tourist, the kids are mostly dressed in long green wraps and they stare directly at the camera. Medium shot of an African mother with her two young children, she wears a similar green wrap and have colorful beads around her neck. CU of a small black bird in a white persons hands as they feed the bird using a small stick. Alternating shots of medium angle white woman and African by a campfire, and CUs of the pots of food on the fire. The woman wears a red cardigan and drinks from a mug and sits at a fold up table while the African tends to the fire.

Not Explicit