Highlights a mountain climbing expedition, led by Sir Edmund Hillary, conquerer of Mt. Everest, to the top of Mt. Taweche. Climbers connected by ropes, using pickaxes to ascend a snowy mountain. A large bag being pulled up a rock face. A climber pulling himself up using a rope ladder. A spectacular long shot of a lone climber on a snowy mountainside with purple clouds in the background. Climbers walking through the snow. CU of an exhausted climber taking deep breaths.Tents in the snow. A long shot of the mountain, with "Camp #1" and "Camp #2" superimposed, and animated line showing the path from Camp #2 to the top. Climbers in the snow with clouds casting shadows from overhead. CU of the climbers' boots in the snow. Shots from behind of a climber chipping away at snow with a pickaxe.

Not Explicit