Footage of the “Police Riot” at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Shot of National Guardsman with helmet standing up in a jeep while another guardsman drives slowly down street. A well dressed young couple walks down the sidewalk past a line of national guardsmen in riot gear. Shot of people walking down crowded street. The guardsmen march in a line, carrying rifles. People watch from the buildings along the street, sitting on balconies and standing at windows. Guardsmen march and drive along the street, a KNBC news van follows. A shot of Dick Gregory, the civil rights activist, walking along in a crowd, being interviewed. A crowd walks by and a woman turns to the camera and says something involving, “peaceful and calm”. People inside a building watch people on the sidewalk walk by, looking through a glass door. People yell peace and some give peace signs. CU of a man on a balcony flashing a peace sign back down at the people on the street. WS of the crowded streets as the police and guardsmen and protesters all assemble. CU of guardsmen in gas masks and helmets. Dick Gregory uses a megaphone to give instructions to the protestors. He tells them that they will move forward, on the way to his house and they will get arrested in the process, giving grounds for false arrests. TV lights shine on the people and soldiers.

Not Explicit