Coverage of fashion collection show from model preparations through presentation. Four models stand on a lawn outside a white mansion. CU one’s open umbrella; it says “COVER” and “AM,” so the show is likely related to Covergirl (since their slogan is “I am Covergirl”). Two girls put on blush, posing, in a white room with a cherub statuette and a white bust. CU from behind of a model, who may be black, putting on eye makeup in front of a bust. CU model with short hair dabbing at lips. (Sound comes on here.) VO says the room contains some of the country’s most accomplished tour guides. Models walk runway in dim room with large crowd, taking off jackets, spinning, posing, etc. VO the clothing reflects American aesthetic. CU girl wearing hat with underside words “AMERICA” AND “COVER.” The collection includes long, often accordion, skirts, simple polished jackets, a section of white evening gowns. Cut to CU shot of woman in backless gold bikini and pageant crown/ribbon riding a motorcycle down a street. Men gather to watch her dismount. Another backless-bikinied girl walks to her car at a beach. Cut to Twiggy in a childlike gingham dress posing at a shoot, the set a schoolroom with a pile of wooden chairs. CU Twiggy’s face. Twiggy poses with chairs. CUT to CU Twiggy’s hips, shot from the front, in a yellow suit with a large popped collar. CU her face. Cut to Twiggy wearing a short jumpsuit at a fashion show. CU her hands on swaying hips. Cut to Twiggy in Kimono-inspired dress. CU her face smiling. Twiggy being shot in long jumpsuit, hands on small of back.