Narrated travelogue of Havana, Cuba: continuation. Large number of workers in cigar factory, all seated with back to camera; CU of individual rolling and finishing a cigar. POV shot from auto down commercial street. POV shot from auto on unpaved road; horse-drawn cart, laden pack animals. WS of cart in front of large ivy-covered house; individual dismounts from cart. Uniformed man attending to bridled horses. Shot of man and woman walking in a garden, clay pot and bush in foreground. View through iron gate of two people dancing and small band playing; CU of dancers. Costumed women standing on stairs watching the dance. View of dancers from above. Shot of palm-lined road; oxen-drawn cart passes in front of camera. Men on horseback pass in front of camera. WS of men around a cock-fighting ring, watching a match. Woman washing clothes outdoors by hand in concrete basin.

Not Explicit