Footage from a trip to Cuba. CU woman in lipstick with hand on his smoking in a doorway, blowing the smoke at the camera. Well dressed graying man gestures next to a car and walks. Local man in masculine pose in the middle of the street; cut to this man posing with another man, still in the street. Shot of building with sign “RESTAURANT”. Pans to sign “CASA RICARDO / COLCHONES OK” over street with row of parked cars. Hand painted banner “Los Dioses Vencidos” (The Young Lions with Marlon Brando & Montgomery Clift in CinemaScope) hangs over dirty archway. Cut to shot of mountains, pans down to telephones pole and a town. Shot of shore taken from moving vessel on ocean. Shot of ocean horizon taken from moving vehicle. Three young Cuban boys bath in the water. CU a white cottage with a straw roof, on the shoreline. CU large white steamboat on a trailer, labeled Isla del Tesoro on its side. Small boat leaves dock, shot from directly behind.