Home movie footage from a visit to Cuba. WS sailboat on blue sea, clear sky. WS cityscape (Havana’s?) from a moving vessel. CU woman in bathing suit, lipstick, earrings, cateye sunglasses, hair neatly done, sitting and talking the back of this vessel. She smiles as someone’s clapping hands enter the frame. Camera pans over to other, less done-up, woman. Shots of boats taken from moving vessel; can see its handrails in the frame. Jumpy shot of people waterskiing, bathing and diving off catamaran moored in shallow water, yards from the shore. Shots of tourists seated at a race track, by a cordoned off garden and lake with flamingoes in it. Closeups of scoreboard and horses coming around the home stretch. Shot of announcer starting race by blowing horn. CU plane propeller, on, shot from inside plane, as the plane moves slowly; forest and fields outside window. Flies past and over city (Havana?). Shots of woman at night and early morning wearing a long houndstooth coat on a beach. She paces and talks and smile with the cameraman. Shot of shore piled with melting snow, with trees at the water’s edge; a crouches there, makes a snowball, and throws it towards the camera; walks away; points finger off into the distance. Cut to train coming towards camera.

Not Explicit