Shot of young girls walking into room, greeting each other. Narrator speaks about people in show business. Screen pushes up transition into shot of Shakespearean scene on stage. Cross fades into shot of audience clapping as actors come to edge of stage and bow. Cut to shot of horse carriages. Shot of stage coach crossing river in woods. Cut to shot of train going by as narrator talks about the various means of travel actors used to have to use to get around and perform. Cut to shot of dancers on stage, Vaudeville. Cut to shot of suitcase with stickers being put on top of rack. Shot of many suitcases, panning left. Cut to shot of man operating camera, fades to various shots of camera work as narrator talks about the coming of motion pictures. Shot of 20th Century Fox sign. Shot of studio, cut to shot of Paramount Pictures studio. Columbia Pictures, Radio Pictures, Universal, Warner Bros. Swipe transition down to LS overlooking Hollywood, panning right. Cut to shot of boys in small pool playing. Cut to shot of children playing in various fields and playgrounds. Shot of man putting together model plane. Cut to shot of him setting off plane in field, camera follows planes ascent into sky. Cut to shot of button being pushed on remote control, cut to shot of plane in sky letting out parachute.