Shot of couple on boat. Water in background. Close up of man’s face as he balances upside down against a mast. Camera tilts up to reveal rest of body. Cut to shot of three men with hats on boat. Shot of fisherman in small boat, throws out fishing line. Closer shot from above of him sitting down with pole. Shot of him from inside boat. Shot of people inside sitting at table eating. Some turn and smile at camera. Shot of men sitting on railings of boat, man walks onto boat, holding a fish to camera. Woman walks onto boat, carrying fruit, man walks behind her. Woman walks on drinking, various other people board boat. Shot of people on boat drinking and sharing food. Shot of woman sitting on boat near mast, smiling and laughing. Shot of man holding up box, talking. Shot of man holding drinks, talking. Long shot of boat going through water. Shot of “Lucky Girl” going through water, people on front of boat wave to camera.

Not Explicit