Postal worker walks upstairs inside Montgomery Apartment Block. Postal worker knocks on door and opens it. Man with collared shirt, tie, and glasses holds a cigarette in hand and works at his desk on an architectural drawing. Door opens to reveal a young woman with short hair at work sculpting a man our of clay. An etcher runs a copper plate through a hand press by turning a large machine with five spokes. A metal worker with frazzled hair, and a apron solders jewelry onto a ring. The metal worker takes of his hat and smokes a cigarette. A man with a scarf and a fedora paints a rough landscape of a street scene. A man in a hat types on a typewriter next to a large stack of newsprint. Close up of typewriter mechanism. Young Chinese woman wearing a Tang Zhuang models the head of a slightly older Chinese woman (painting of tigers in background).

Not Explicit