Man singing and playing the guitar at the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco January 14th, 1967. This was a large hippie, counterculture event. CU’s of faces are layered over the footage of the man performing. CU’s of a white older man, images of balloons overlap the footage of the man. Shots of crowd watching the performance. A bearded white male -Allen Ginsberg - performs on stage . Shots of the crowd, with footage of a man playing the harmonica layered on top of it. A black man wearing sun glasses plays the bongos while CU footage of feet dancing is layered on top of the footage of the man playing the bongos. Shots of the crowd. Shots of the crowd with CU’s of men performing on stage overlapping. Shot of crowd, camera pans in on a man standing confidently on what looks like a bus. Shot of the crowd, the camera then pans from left to right several times. CU of the back of a woman’s neck as she dances, the camera zooms out to a shot of the woman dancing with a man in the middle of the crowded field. Man playing the flute. Timothy Leary on stage wearing all white with flowers behind his ears, the camera zooms out into a LS of Leary and several other people on stage. Leary talking on stage. Shot of a yellow flag being waved around in the middle of the crowd. A man and woman on stage, the man hugs the woman an she smiles. An older man in a wide brimmed black hat that creates a shadow over the top half of his face. Man with long, thick, black curly hair holding a guitar. Man with a bear, zooms out to show him with his arm around a girl while they sit watching the performances. Shot of a beaded multi layered necklace. A blonde woman with feathers behind her ear. A man in the crowd. A man with his face painted and a hoop earring in his left ear. A blonde man holding bongos trying to walk through the crowd. Pink and black dreamcatcher. Shot of the crowd from behind, camera zooms in on a red balloon. Awoman in the crowd with her eyes shut, swaying from side to side. Closeup of a woman’s face. A man playing the guitar on stage.Aman in costume on stage. Shot of crowd, pans to the right to show more of the crowd. Band playing in this clip is the Grateful Dead.