Medium shot of a woman pasting an image onto a piece of paper. Close up of her writing on the bottom of the paper she pasted the image on in pencil. Close up of hands holding up paper with image. Medium shot of man in suit walking up to counter where woman with short dark hair stands. She hands him a portable projector. He walks away. Medium shot of man in what appears to be his living room flipping through a magazine. He rips out a page he’d like to make a copy of. Close up of him ripping article titled “Education in America” out of the magazine. Medium close up shot of him feeding magazine article into a copy machine to make a transparency. Close up of transparency being held above copier then placed next to original article. Close up of hands pulling a transparency out of a box reading “thermo-fax color lift film” next to a color image of a map of the United States. Hands place color image face down onto transparency and places a brown, thing sheet of paper over the color image, then a black piece of paper over that. Close up of a glass of water, finger dips in water, cuts to close up of finger rubbing on pamphlet reading “maps and globes for schools” to check if the paper is clay coated (necessary for copy). Finger pulls from paper to show whitish substance on finger that has been rubbing. Close up of transparency, image, brown, then black paper being fed into machine. Close up of image after it has been bonded to color lift film transparency. Page is dipped into a basin of water. Original page is then peeled of from film. Close up of hands rubbing off residue from paper. Transparency dipped back into water to watch excess residue off; image of map in color is now on transparency. Close up of hands pulling a small handled sponge over transparency with coating agent. Close up of transparency on overhead projector. Close up on man that had ripped magazine article out speaking to his class. Reverse medium shot of male, presumably high school student listening to him. Close up of teacher adding marker to map on overhead projector.