Close up of hands holding a home made projection slide with three apples on it. Camera pans over to other part of desk the person is working on as they grab a sheet of frosted acetate, put it on top of a drawing they wish to copy, move it off, then grab etched glass, place that on top of the drawing, and trace the drawing onto the glass. Close up of hands coloring in slide with crayon. Close up of hands putting on a glass cover over the slide; a box reading “Thin Cover Glass” is next to the slide. Close up of what looks a typewriter writing on a small sheet reading “Radio-Mat” to make a slide with carbon paper and cellophane. Close up of hands working with slide where they peel the carbon paper off the cellophane to expose a newly made slide. Close up of a girl’s hands cutting a leaf out of a piece of yellow paper. She has strawberries on her dress. Close up on her hands as she makes a silhouette slide with slide glass, colored cellophane, and the opaque leaf shape. Medium shot of girl outside holding new slide up in the light. Close up on a folder opening with pictures inside. A woman’s hands pull photos from magazines and the like out to display to camera. Medium close up of a woman speaking with hair tied back. Return to close up of her hands with folder and pictures. Medium shot of woman with short dark hair speaking to previous woman (whose back is towards camera). Close up of short haired woman putting picture to be copied into the opaque projector and fiddles with a lever to bring the page to the correct place. Close up of image being copied. Close up of a magazine opened to a photo of a strange structure. Close up of a photo of a statue, and then a charcoal drawing. Close up of hands placing book into opaque projector. Extreme close up of hand taking pocket watch and placing it into projector. Shot of pocket watch ticking in projector seen from above. Camera goes slightly out of focus and watch is pulled out of frame. Medium shot of dark haired woman speaking to other woman (whose back is turned toward camera). Close up of the school’s 4X5 press camera with special adapter back. Hands place a cartridge of some kind into back of camera. Close up of hands pulling paper out of small envelope and pulling two papers apart from each other to expose a copied image. Close up of hand placing newly copied image next to original image.