This clip contains footage of slapstick suicidal attempts, a brief wedding, and a frantic driving scene.Begins with the protagonist jumping from a bridge and landing in a row boat. The rower angrily pushes him but falls into the water. The protagonist walks off angrily and leans against a tree. Cuts to a car driving down the road. The protagonist quickly runs towards it and stands in front. The car backs up and moves but he follows it attempting to be hit. The driver puts his head out the window and yells. The protagonist urges him forward before lying in front of the wheels. The driver gets out and pulls him to his feet. The protagonist explains with an intertitle: “I’ve lost another one of the only girls I ever loved.” The driver pulls him into his car. Cuts to a girl packing up a car. The driver arrives and pulls the suicidal man by the hand, they are followed by a minister. The driver introduces the girl to the man as her future husband. She looks unsure and peers at him. CU of him smiling. The driver then places their hands in each others and the minister appears reading from the bible, fade out. Fade in to the minister finishing. The driver appears shaking their hands and hands her a paper. The girl begins yelling at him and he helps her into the car. He then climbs over the car and joins her. The pair yell before he starts the car and drives off. MS of the car peeling around a corner, nearly hitting 2 men who dive out of the way. The pair drive up behind a car in the middle of the road. He attempts to pass them on either side but cannot get around. The couple argue and he drives past as they both turn in their seats.