This clip contains footage of resentful American soldiers in Vietnam, some complain about their patrol, another discusses the rebellion, and a group smoke marijuana from a shotgun.Begins with MS of American troops on the road. Various shots of American soldiers, some walk and patrol slowly. VO of complaining soldiers. CU of one soldier answering whether there was a revolt today, he says, “You could call it that...”he yells over the sound of an approaching helicopter. Cuts to MS of 2 soldiers sitting on a stump, one smokes out of a Sherlock Holme’s style wooden pipe, calabash; he passes it to the soldier next to him. Cuts to a soldier loading a shotgun with a pipe filled with marijuana. He blows on the pipe and smoke rises from the end of the gun, soldiers inhale the smoke and the shotgun is passed around. The man blows the smoke into the camera. Ends with one soldier taking a long exhale, and the other taking the pipe and smoking from it.

Not Explicit