Shot of three people gathered around the dials and controls of a space ship, looking out window. Shot of moon through space craft window, it moves slowly down to the left as the space craft passes by. Long shot of space craft flying in space. Shot from underneath ship of engines with Earth in the distance. Close up of man with a mustache inside the space ship talking. Cut to shot of man looking out window, who turns. Long shot of two people standing at window turning away and walking past man with mustache sitting at controls. Shot of space ship approaching planet. Shot of gears in space ship pushing off missile. Long shot of bomb dropping onto planet from space ship. Shot of people inside ship, it rocks back and forth. Long shot of ship coming in for a landing. It lands and bumps on ground a few times. Shot of inside ship, the lights go out. Shot of dark terrain on planet. Cut to shot of fantasy space town. People point up to sky. Shot of aircraft in clouds.

Not Explicit