Homelessness and alcohol abuse in Los Angeles, California. Various shots of men outside of hotels, either loitering or entering. Men in groups interacting and waiting in a line along a wall along a street. MS of a man sitting among cardboard and tall grass, smoking a cigarette. MS a man in box type structure seems in angst and uncovers his face with a blanket. WS and MS of individuals standing against walls. WS night exterior of a homeless shelter and a high rise, labeled ‘Union Bank’. WS daytime shot from a distance, of five police officers arresting and holding onto a man on the sidewalk. MS a sickly looking man peers out of a window. MS of a man drinking the remains from a liquor bottle and a man stumbles and looks completely out of place. WS from above, police load a man into the back of a police van. MS of a man on all fours with a spotlight on him crawling out of the lights visible area, crutches at his side. MS of a homeless man’s face and then he walks past camera and his bike, loaded beyond the brim, is seen.