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Medium shot of boy and elderly man decorating a christmas tree. tilts down to show lights on floor. Close up of boy putting lights on tree. Cuts to medium shot of grandpa on other side. Close up of grandpa putting lights on. Close up of hands and tree, medium shot of boy and grandpa. Cuts to boy sitting at table stringing popcorn. Close up of face. Close up of popcorn sliding down string and boy’s hands stringing it. Cuts to shot of girl putting beads on a string. tilts down to follow bead. Shot of girl holding up beads to camera and smiling. Shot of girl playing in front of tree and smiling at camera. Cuts to boy playing in front of camera, girl watches in background. Cuts to grandpa decorating tree. Tilts down to show string of paper links on floor. Close up of boy stringing popcorn. Him and girl look at camera. Cuts to close up of girl holding a bead, putting it on string. Girl holding string of beads. Close up of old woman sitting stringing popcorn. Close up of the table and her sitting. Shot of woman in kitchen talking to camera. Shot of tree decorated, tilt up to show top.