Home movie in Pollock’s home/studio in East Hampton, Long Island. CUs of wildflowers in the wind and plants by a river. Wide shot of still, serene river. A long-necked bird lands in the shallow part of the river. The sun reflects over the river. More CUs of grasses and flowers. A small garden plot. Jackson Pollock walks away from cabin towards camera. Pollock looking serious with cigarette in mouth. Lee Krasner (his wife) walks out of cabin. She tends to the garden, harvesting what appears to be lettuce. A black and white still photo of Pollock and Krasner posing with their dog. Pollock kneels by a medium sized painting of his as he shows it to a young child (not their child). CU of Pollock kneeling with painting while he looks at the camera. CU of their dog sniffing the camera.

Not Explicit