Shot of seagulls flying, Golden Gate Bridge in background. Shot of cars parked, Golden Gate in background, woman walks by in foreground. Shot of cars parked on side of road, ship goes by in water in background. Shot of cars on street, San francisco city in background. Long shots of San Francisco buildings, trees in front of frame. Shot of seagulls on dock. Long shot of Golden Gate Bridge with seagulls landing on dock in foreground. Long shot of Golden Gate, men fishing in foreground. Shot of seagulls. Shot of trees, San Francisco skyline in distance. Shot of cars parked near beach. Shots of San francisco streets and buildings. Shot of bridge in distance. Shot of man standing on top of street looking down. Shot of cable car at stop sign, passes by in frame. Shot of man walking with cigarette in mouth, buildings in background. Shot of woman crossing the street, skyline behind her, bridge in distance.