Shot of the top of Coit Tower. Zooms in. Cut to shot of people sitting on Coit tower. Long aerial shots of port of SF. Shot from Coit tower looking over city. Shot of ship in harbor. Zooms out from ship. Shot of port of SF and piers surrounding it. Shot of people standing on street side next to parked cars. Shot of people and cars gathering to watch view of Bay. Shot of building, bush in foreground. Shot of people talking and walking. Long shots of piers and boats in water. Long shot of piers and bay bridge. Various long shots of piers and bay area. Shots of cars from over head. Shot of person walking towards car. Shot of ship leaving harbor. Shot of island out in water, over head shot of car. Shot of people sitting and talking. Shot of cars on street. POV shots driving down Embarcadero. Shot of clock tower, tilts up. Shot of San Francisco port flag, american flag. Shots of people walking down street. Shot of mother with baby in stroller, close up of baby in stroller.