AAA PSA for traffic safety. Shot of old man drinking sherry from glass in armchair. Shot of old woman saying, "Now dear that's quite enough." Shot of two old people in living room as old woman says, "Remember you have to drive down to the drugstore soon." Man says, "Don't worry Mary, I've learnt how to hold my liquor." Shot of old woman's face looking incredulous. CU of old woman's hands knitting. CU of old man drinking. More shots of old people as old man discusses being a serious drinker: "The drivers you've gotta watch out for are those who've had a nip... Yes sir it takes daily conditioning." Shots of old man veering down the sidewalk in a cart, almost hitting a woman with a cane. Voice over of old man, "When you've had as much elbow bending experience as I've had, you're immune to alcohol." Words: "AAA foundation for traffic safety" appear in shot.