Medium shot of girl with red hair laughing and making funny faces as she eats CHEF-BOY-AR-DEE pizza. Close up of Chef boy-ar-dee pepperoni pizza box. A screen reads MAX FACTOR with a close up of a hand holding a closed eyeliner tube. Another hand comes in and pulls the top lid of the eyeliner off. A hand wipes down passed the screen revealing the word “LINEMAKER” which transforms into a close up of a drawing of an eye. The drawing fades into a real eye which then zooms out into a close up of a girls face. She holds the eyeliner up to her eye and demonstrates how to use it. Cut to LINEMAKER title card. A wide shot of of two women in front of a vanity mirror. Medium shot of brunette combing her hair, as a standing red head digs into her purse for a comb. Close up of a redheaded female combing her hair. She combs out a chunk of hair and pulls it off her comb. Close up a brunette woman smiling and she finishes up her hair. Medium shot of both woman looking towards camera. The red head gives up and walks away as the brunette stays. Close up of the brunette as she nose winks to the camera. Cut to title card for hair color. Medium half upper 3/4th screen shot of fragrances with a title card underneath reading “17 ways to wear fragrance”. Close of a woman with a gap in between her teeth. Zoom out to her holding a bottle of blemish cream. She squeezes a little out onto her finger and smoothes in into her cheek, she smiles as title cards appear over top her face.

Not Explicit