Begins with a blonde woman with short hair walking into her living room holding boxes. Text: Louisa Moritz New York, NY. Does your spray deodorant stop perspiration wetness? She thinks as she answers and plays with her wedding ring. CU of a hand passing a bottle of Arrid extra dry spray deodorant. She picks it up and examines the bottle. She smiles and points off camera. Cu of the bottle Helps Stop Wetness. An elderly man in a construction hat and red flannel smokes a cigarette and looks at blueprints. He walks into a shack labeled: Danger- Explosives. He closes the door and there is an explosion, the door and window are blown out and smoke rises as the man stumbles out. Cuts to a man in a tuxedo smoking a cigarette, he puts his hand into a safe and removes a pearl necklace. He hides behind a curtain with his cigarette sticking out. A woman smokes a cigarette and a whip removes some of it. Zoom out to see a magician whip again and take off more cigarette. Cuts to a bum sitting next to train tracks and smoking a cigarette, a dog sits beside him. Zoom out to show a fire and a pot cooking above it. CU of Benson & Hedges cigarettes.