Commercials for Personna 74 razor, Ultra Brite toothpaste, Phase III soap and Macleans toothpaste. Begins with a large metal device being lowered to construction workers. They place it into a hole. Cuts to a construction worker using a drill on a building frame. CU of the drill going through the frame. A large saw cuts through a log. CU of the blade against the wood. Dissolve to the Personna 74 razor with tungsten steel. PAN as a man shaves his beard. CU of him looking into the mirror as he shaves. He splashes water on his face from the sink. CU of Personna 74 blade. Cuts to a man in a pet store window picking up a puppy. A woman smiles as she takes the puppy into her arms. Zoom in to the man behind her looking over his shoulder at her and smiles; aquariums in BG. She turns and smiles at him before blowing a kiss. The kiss lands on his cheek and he acts like it hit him and he laughs. Ultra Brite. Dissolve to the pair leaving the pet store smiling and cuddling as she holds the puppy. She blows him another kiss and it hits him again; they laugh. Ultra Brite the sex appeal toothpaste. Cuts to a formally dressed couple on a love seat sitting very close. He rubs caresses her face then looks at his watch and runs off, she looks after him longingly. CU of woman’s hands grabbing Phase III, the soap bar falls out of the box into her hand. She rubs the bar of soap on her neck in the shower. She puts the soap bar next to the box. Cuts back to the couple close on the love seat. He smells her and rubs her face and neck. She smiles as he tries putting his arms around her. She pushes him off and he appears crestfallen. CU of the bar of soap and Phase III box. CU PAN of a woman’s smile. A pen draws the number 2 on her tooth. PAN to a man’s smile, a pen draws 3, repeat to a woman the pen draws 3. PAN to a woman’s smile, the pen marks 1. CU of Macleans toothpaste, Shouldn’t you be using the winner?