Commercials for Lavoris mouthwash, Gleem toothpaste, Colgate mfp toothpaste, Brisk mouthwash, and Gillette Right Guard antiperspirant. Begins with a white background, a Lavoris bottle and two glasses filled with the red liquid; a hand grabs each glass. A black father and daughter give Eskimo kisses as they swish the mouthwash. Cut to Lavoris bottle then back to father/daughter. Pucker Power Clean! The daughter laughs. Fade in to a dark room where a man stands brushing his teeth; prison bars hang on the window behind him. A spotlight shines over the man as he brushes in his prison jumpsuit. Cuts to the following people brushing their teeth, a little boy, a man in too small of a bathroom crouched over, a man with a walrus/handlebar mustache in a mirror, a woman in a robe looking out her bathroom window, pretty brunette in a button down shirt, and a man with an unbuttoned shirt and suspenders amongst hanging laundry. Finally, a magician pulls a toothbrush out of a cup. Cuts to Gleem toothpaste on a black background: The Taste That Makes America Brush. A man in a suit stands against a white background and squeezes Colgate mfp toothpaste onto a toothbrush. CU of the tube. The man then licks the toothpaste off and winks at the camera. Cuts to a woman just waking up and looking at herself in the mirror, she makes faces as if she has a bad taste in her mouth. CU of woman’s hands holding Brisk mouthwash and a glass, she has a wedding ring. She puts the mouthwash in her mouth and a shower head turns on above her and she smiles through it. She blinks and smiles through the water, then appears with her hair in an updo and in a dress, smiling and holding Brisk. Then she stands at the front door as her husband is leaving for work holding his briefcase. He double takes when he passes her and the two embrace. Shower Your Breath with Brisk. Zoom in to airstairs where a glamorous woman in a white dress and fur shawl removes sunglasses and smiles at paparazzi, as she lifts her arm she looks at her armpit self-consciously. A cadet walks to his commander and salutes him, the commander salutes back but the cadet becomes anxious and covers his armpit with his elbow. CU of a football being kicked. Cuts to a referee blowing a whistle and raising his arms before looking at his armpits and quickly putting down his arms. Cover up no more. Various Gillette Right Guard deodorant bottles are lined up, they open like a door revealing a new silver right guard antiperspirant that checks wetness. A woman stands at the stand at a trial with her hand raised high and her other hand on the bible. A judge sits behind her, she quickly covers her armpit.