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Scenes in unidentified Asian country of boats, streets, tourists getting off a ship, and nature.Begins with long, aerial shot of two people rowing a boat. Cuts to long shots of many boats in a harbor, most of them are stationary with people in them, some being rowed along the pathway. Goes black then new scene begins with an Asian street scene with people, wheelbarrows, and trolleys roaming all over in a dirt square. Shows buildings in background fairly well. Quick medium shot of two people dressed in white, one with an umbrella in hand and then goes black. Next scene displays a blurry ship captain taking his hat off to the audience on a passenger ship. Goes black and then a street scene with men and oxen wheeling barrows along the road, perpendicular to the screen. Cuts to a narrower street with a boy bicycling away from the camera down the street. Cuts to a medium shot of a group of white tourists at the bottom of the ladder of a ship. Long shot of a ship at a harbor, cuts to a medium shot of the ship, then an aerial view of men talking on the ship. Goes black and opens with a river scene as the camera is tracked in reverse and then tracked in reverse again displaying the railroad on which it is presumably tracked. Concludes with a medium shot of the river over rapids.