Title reads: “Universal Newsreel/THE JOHNSON LANDSLIDE/Voice: Ed Herlihy” imposed over an exterior shot zooming into the White House.Medium long shot of older people standing in line outside to vote. Narrator speaks about the voice of the people as the scene cuts to a couple other shots of voters waiting in line to go into the polling booths. As the narrator details statistics on American voting we see an old woman stepping into a voting booth. Medium long shot of black people voting at a ballot box. Narrator talks about Lyndon Johnson and him becoming 36th president. Exterior shot of people walking to a polling station and then interior shot of black and white voters at booths. Landscape shot of house on farmland. Close up of old couple walking into a building to vote as narrator describes that Johnson won at 61% over his opponent, Barry Goldwater. Long shot of people at voting center, police man is almost out of frame. A group of women sit at a table organizing as other citizens stand around and wait to go into booths. Medium close up of a woman sitting filling out a paper as a man and woman stand behind her. Exterior shot of a storefront where an older man walks through the front door, an American flag is in the window. Close up of an older woman signing a paper cutting to an older man seen from behind entering a polling booth and closing the curtain behind him. Exterior street shot of a trolley car going down the road in San Francisco. Front door of a church where voting is taking place, one Asian man walks out as another man walks into the door. Shots of voters milling through voting center line and getting necessary pamphlets/materials from volunteers. Establishing shot of Johnson City which reads “HOME TOWN OF LYNDON B. JOHNSON” with a cowboy hat in the corner. Exterior shot of voting center in Johnson City from street side. Narrator details that this is where Johnson himself will be voting. Cuts to interior shot of the voting center where Johnson and his wife, the first lady, begin the voting process. Cuts to medium shot of press recording him and his wife voting. Medium shot of the man and wife sitting and filling out paper with pencils as people stand around watching. Another shot of the press taking pictures with flashes and such. Close up of Johnson putting his vote in the ballot box. Medium long shot of couple walking outside with press and people surrounding them. Exterior shot of polling center in Phoenix, Arizona where Goldwater will cast his vote. Close up of Goldwater surrounding by people outside as he waits his turn. Medium close up of press again. Medium shot of Goldwater leaning over a table and signing a paper cutting to medium shot of him walking into a booth to vote. He walks out of the booth waving. Back to exterior shot of polling center where Goldwater converses with people. Cut to a closed booth where curtains pull apart and woman walks out. Narrator describes Robert F. Kennedy’s senatorial race in NY cutting to a street scene in Times Square.