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Title reads “Universal Newsreel/SPORTS/voice: Ed Herlihy”Next title reads “ENGLAND”Long, slightly aerial shot of a couple tennis players walking up to greet the press at Wimbeldon. Narrator describes it is an all Australian finale for men’s singles. Cuts to quick shot of audience in the stands. Then to medium long shot of Roy Emerson cutting to long shot of him playing against Fred Stolle on a tennis court. Back to audeince. Then cuts to the men playing to a match point, winning, and then jumping over the net to shake hands with his opponent. Switching over to the ladies singles competition where we see a long, slightly aerial shot of Maria Bueno competing against Margaret Smith. Shot of the crowd. Closer shot on Smith as she serves. Her winning shot is a half volley and she throws her racket into the air upon her winning move. Back to a shot fo the crowd. Long shot of Bueno giving something to Smith. Title reads “SPORTS REVIEW OF 1964”Long shot, slightly from below, of an Olympian lighting the Olympic Torch. Close up on the Olympic Flame. Scoreboard in outdoor arena in Tokyo where games are taking place with Olympic Rings on the board with a huge crowd of people sitting below it. Long shot facing the roof of a swimming pool as narrator describes Don Schollander, an 18 year old swimmer as the camera pans down to the pool. Medium shot of spectators then reversing to long shot of swimmers competing in their lanes. Medium close up of two swimmers shaking hands still in the pool and their respective lanes. Medium shot of a woman with glasses and plaid dress clapping wildly. Long shot of Schollander receiving his medals. Extreme long shot of Olympic audience at track stadium. Camera pans down to the racing track. Long shot of the Men’s 100 Meter where American Bob Hayes receives first place. Bob shown in slow motion winning the race. Another shot of the crowd. Marquee reads in large letters “SAYONARA” with three flags waving above it. Shot of the arena with audience waving and athletes walking along the track, consuming the frame.