Footage of the Celtics vs. Warriors playoffs, and the Stanley Cup between Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs. Sports. Massachusetts. Celtics vs. Warriors game. Begins with the jump ball, the crowd cheers. Celtics’ Tom Heinsohn and Sam Jones pass the ball, Jones shoots and scores. Warriors’ Guy Rodgers dribbles down court and shoots, there is a tussle for the ball but Nate Thurmond is able to tap it in. The crowd claps and cheers. Wilt Chamberlain shoots from the 3-point line and makes it. KC Jones shoots but misses as the Warriors take the ball. Jones intercepts and makes a lay-up to score. Heinsohn scores from the 3-point line. The score is Warriors 99, Celtics 101 with seconds left. Heinsohn places the ball by the net and Bill Russell dunks it for the win. The crowd cheers and the audience floods the court, lifting the players and coach Red Auerbach onto their shoulders. Canada. The Stanley Cup between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings. Goalie Johnny Bower stands blocks the net from a shot. The Maple Leafs score against Don Simmons and the crowd cheers. The Maple Leafs score again and the crowd cheers. The players shake hands. The Maple Leafs stand smiling around the Stanley Cup.