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Broadway shows softball league.LS of a group of people at a park baseball field holding a banner which reads “THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD” (a musical on Broadway at the time) panning over to other people holding banners for musicals they were in as well. LS of Lucille Ball up to bat with Joey Brown as umpire and Julie Andrews as catcher. Lucille hits the ball and runs to first. Tammy Grimes from The Unsinkable Molly Brown is shown up to bat at Lucille Ball takes a lead off of first. LS of Lucille Ball making a run as umpire smiles pointing behind him with his thumb. LS of group of people watching the game. MS of Margot Moser jovially argues with critic (umpired) Joey Brown at home base. LS of crowd. LS of Cyril Ritchard up to bat and laughing when a mistake is made. CU on a poodle. LS Ritchard hitting ball. Various shots of the game.