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Footage of a circus performance. Begins with CU of various clowns in makeup, including a hobo clown. Intertitle: Introducing Miss Betty Rich, Queen of the Air! A woman in a sparkly bikini climbs a rope up to a trapeze, underneath her performers have their arms raised with flowing cloaks. When she reaches the trapeze the performers exit. Betty begins swinging on the trapeze and begins swinging with just her feet. She performs various tricks as she continues swinging. Intertitle: The famous Nelson Troupe. Men lay on their backs with their legs in the air, women sit on their feet and the men pass the women to the men’s feet. The women then begin doing back flips and land seated on the men’s feet. They then begin stacking on top of each other. One man is on his back and another man balances on his feet, a woman climbs on and the man pulls her up to stand on his shoulders. The man then jumps off and the woman does a back flip onto the other man’s feet. They flip off. Intertitle: The Reiffenach Troupe- bareback riding marvels. performers stand balancing on 4 horses, women stand on the men’s shoulders. They ride around the ring as the women jump on and off.